Authentic Ayurveda and Classical Panchakarma

since 2004

We are happy to welcome back our guests in 2022!

Looking forward to serve and improve your health.

We assure you Classical Ayurveda Treatments and Individual Approach.

We follow all COVID rules and norms for your Safety.

Looking for natural remedies and long-lasting results?

Since 2004 we give most importance to Classical Approach and Strict Rules in Ayurveda Treatments so that our guest get more than just relief from their desease but upgrade their lifestyle to the Level of Body-Mind-Soul Balance

To "tailor" your Ayurveda Treatment Swaasthya doctors consider many factors:

Individuality Matters

All procedures are prescribed only after personal interview with resident Ayurveda doctor

While making the schedule doctor considers individual constitution, current health condition and complaints, physical and mental strength and duration of stay

Even for the same type of procedure doctor may choose different oils, herbs and other ingredients for different guests

Time Matters

Most of the treatments are scheduled strictly according the time of the day when they can give most benefit and will not give any side effects

Many treatments are scheduled in strict consequence so that they enhance the benefits of each other

Some treatments for women are scheduled according to their monthly cycle


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Food Matters

  • Freshly cooked vegetarian meals

  • Grains, lentils, vegetables, nuts, fruits (limited)

  • Tasty & intrigue breakfasts

  • Fresh juice of seasonal fruits for lunch

  • During Detox Program the menu is restricted to special dishes of Rice and dals that give complete set of essential amino acids

Time Matters

  • Basic Yoga sessions are scheduled by resident doctor with consideration of Ayurveda treatments

  • During Detox program and some other therapies Yoga is not recommended, but Pranayama and Meditation can be practiced

  • Guests are encouraged to take calm and revitalizing walks amidst coffee plantations, 3 to 7 km daily (if not contraindicated by resident doctor)

For treatments we use freshly prepared Ayurvedic formulations of herbs and plants grown on Swaasthya own land and nearby.

Many formulations are prepared manualy, according to classical Ayurvedic recipes, immediately before use for procedures.

Some oils and ayurvedic preparations for internal use are supplied by local ayurvedic manufacturing companies that have a good reputation and strictly follow the classical rules for the preparation of drugs.

For cooking, we also use only fresh, organic products, most of which are grown in and around Swaasthya.

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