Swaasthya Ayur (India)

SWAASTHYA NEWS: ----" Swaasthya " adopts Government Model Primary School in Bekkesodlur Village on the occasion of 10th year of Service (2004 to 2014) --through its sister concern "Swaasthya Foundation" , Visit Swaasthya Foundation at www.swaasthya.info for further details------

Welcome to Swaasthya

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Swaasthya Ayurveda retreat Village is a Natural Health Care centre, where in more importance is given on Classical Ayurveda Rejuvenation and Purification treatments.

Swaasthya Ayurveda Retreat Village was started in the year 2004 at Bommuru Agrahara Village on the banks of perennial river Cauvery, 12 Kms away from famous Heritage city Mysore.

Guests from all corners of the world enjoyed classical Ayurveda Treatments, Yoga & Meditation etc. at our centre.

The Voluminous support, Confidence in this Ancient system of Medicine, encouragement to further enhance, develop & improve our services has enabled us to tread so far with confidence.

We are grateful to all our guests who have always been a blessing in disguise for SWAASTHYA FAMILY not only as guests but as a part of this family.

In August 2011 we shifted our activities to a more ecologically friendly & environmentally Pollution free location at South Coorg.

Ayurveda Science of Life

Every human being aspires for happiness and peace. Our whole life is in pursuit of attaining them. Towards this end we engage ourselves in various activities and become so engrossed in them that there is no leisure both within and without.

Health has been a primary concern of man since his existence on this earth. He enjoyed health as a natural gift, until it was impaired by disease. He endeavored to discover and device methods and means to combat diseases, when health was disturbed. He also thought of creating a healthy state of body and mind, so that pains of diseases could be avoided. The long and continuing battle of man to understand and study problems of health has been the genesis of all science of health and medical systems.

Inspite of modern scientific discoveries and vast treasure of knowledge, available to humankind and the materialistic comforts created by the use of modern technology, the search for peaceful healthy life still eludes humankind. Tools and techniques are available to study bio-chemical and pathological changes and behavior, modern surgery is advanced beyond imagination, new remedies are found and at the same time new diseases appear.

Primary Contact

In India (general) – Dr. Subramanya Rao Jagannath, General Director Tel. +919448056406, E-mail: ayurswaasthya@gmail.com chisurao@gmail.com

In Mysore: Dr Sujatha J R Tel: +91 9845913471 E-Mail: dr.sujathajr@hotmail.com

In Russia – Mr. Gennady Prosorov, Director for Russian and CIS Projects Tel. +79094619852, E-mail: gennady@myveda.ru